The junior program


Our Preballet level is for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds.  This class meets once a week for 25 minutes. 

Saturdays from 8:15-8:40 am

Saturdays from 8:55-9:20 am

Saturdays from 9:35-10:00 am

Saturdays from 1:05-1:30 pm

Junior I

Our Junior I level is for beginners ages 6 and up.  This class meets once a week for 40 minutes.

Thursdays from 4:35-5:15 pm

Saturdays from 10:15-10:55 am

Saturdays from 11:10-11:50 am

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Junior II - Junior Company

The Junior II through Junior Company levels are enrollment by class audition only.